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  •     Are you maximising revenue for the under 12 years visitor sector?
  •     Are you meeting the information needs of this group?
  •     You may have an attractive and successful general guidebook but are you addressing your younger audience?


We specialise in the production of guide literature for young people.
We provide a complete service including; research, authoring, design, illustration and print ensuring that:

  •     Content links are made to the National Curriculum thus encouraging visits by school groups
  •     Language use and information suit the target audience and their parents
  •     DDA requirements are met
  •     Finished title is attractive and competitively priced

We work with you and your team to ensure accuracy and identify and promote the elements that will most appeal to a younger audience.

Our publications prove extremely popular not just with our target audience of under 12’s but also with the large number of international student groups visiting our country’s various tourist attractions.

We are also able to produce self-cover leaflets, quizzes, trails and other educational and inventive literature.