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The Woods

Ssssh! – remember some animals have

very good hearing so walk slowly and

quietly and keep your voice to a whisper.



You must be patient – find somewhere safe and  comfortable to sit and stay as still as you can.  Before very long you will see lots of interesting animals.


Try shutting your eyes and listening – your ears will very often hear things that your eyes can’t see – like birds, crickets and other insects.


Take a deep breath through your nose – what can you smell?  Animals like foxes and otters have a very strong scent so even if you don’t see them you might know they are around!


Be careful but curious – just by gently lifting up a stone or leaf you will probably discover wrigglie-wiggilies like earwigs, beetles and centipedes.  Remember that you are peeking into someone’s home so put it back gently the way you found it.


Just as we humans leave behind clues of where we have been like fingerprints, so animals leave trails as well.  As a ‘green detective’ you can hunt for animal activity by looking for droppings, tracks and clumps of fur caught on fences.  You might even come across holes of different sizes in the ground or in the side of a hill – these will probably be an animal’s home so be very careful not to disturb it.


The wild flowers that you will see are very special and you must take great care not to damage them as many have been getting lower in numbers over the years and we need to encourage them into growing.  Just enjoy their beautiful colours and perfumes as the butterflies and insects do.


Remember how important it is to leave the countryside as you found it.  You wouldn’t like someone coming into your home and leaving their rubbish or rearranging your bedroom furniture now would you?