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Rock Pools

Rock pools are areas by the sea that fill up with seawater twice a day when the tide comes in. The plants and animals that live in them have to be careful not to be swept away when the tide goes out.  Some do this by hiding under rocks or down in the mud and others clings very tightly to the rocks with their suckers.  Take a look inside the rock pool and discover a treasure of little creatures.
Take care of the wildlife be careful not to touch jellyfish as they might sting you.  Wear shoes that protect your feet from the rocks and have a good tread – lots of shells are very sharp and algae covered rocks are slippery.  Remember to protect your skin and eyes from the sun.

Take care of the wildlife you’ll have a lot of fun exploring rock pools but remember how important they are to the environment They are a home to many animals and also a place that lots of fish and crustaceans use as nurseries for their babies.

They are used for shelter from stormy seas and provide food for other animals and birds.